The archaeological museum at the department of history, archaeology and museology is one of the priced institution and best practices of our college. The museum was established in 1998 as a result of the far sightedness, vision and joint efforts of the Management, then principals and faculties of the department. In comparison to the University/College museums and or the local/private museums in and around region, our college museum holds numerous primary priced collections.

Our museum display and storage holdings include, a reasonably rich collection Indian numismatics and foreign coinage stretching from 6th C BC Punch Marked Coins to the modern times including various pre dynastic to dynastic series. The presence of Silver PMC, Copper EUCC, Coinage of ancient Indian dynasties like Kushan, Satavahans, Western satraps along with Early Medieval Islamic coins to modern world and Indian republican coin series make it a unique numismatic galley. The Megalithic-Early iron age artifacts such as burial goods, iron implements, weapons and large burial Urns along with highly fashioned replicas offer a visual treat and information about our unwritten past heritage.  The palm leaf and paper manuscripts, wooden storage facilities, agricultural implements, utensils, glazed storage vessels, stone weights and measures represent and reflect the early to late medieval cultural assemblage of Kerala in our museum.  The traditional Kerala architectural models, roof tiles of varying models and stature, aristocratic chillums and lambs are also included in our collection.

In addition to that the archaeological explorations and trial excavations carried out by the department faculties, staffs and students in collaboration with the state and central archaeological departments and local bodies in all these years since its insertion,  enrich our college museum reserve collection and variety. Thus, by involved in the collection, preservation, display and study of archaeological vestiges of Perumbavoor, our museum moves far beyond a traditional college museum, showcases the cultural history, tradition and heritage of Perumbavoor and offer tremendous learning, research potentials to the students and researchers of regional, national and international repute and provenance.