ICT Enabled Teaching

The Mar Thoma College for Women, Perumbavoor gives high priority in upgrading to the new and innovative ICT enabled practices into the teaching learning process. Flipped Classroom offers opportunity for student self-pacing and provides time for a deeper understanding of content. Faculty and students are encouraged to take classes using PowerPoint presentations. Hands on training is given to students on various aspects of project report preparation and presentation. Way before the COVID pandemic made online teaching and learning a necessity, the faculty members of our college, besides the traditional chalk and talk method, used creative and sustainable methods in the teaching-learning process. Google classrooms and customized Moodle platform (https://lms.marthomacollege.ac.in/) is used to deliver the course content in an effective way and assess the progress of the students on a real time basis. Google meet and Zoom platforms are used for videoconferences and webinars. Google forms, Google docs, Google slides, Padlet and Peardeck are used to make teaching-learning a collaborative experience. Thinglink was used to explain complex ideas with interactive visuals and improve learning results. Some of our teachers have their own educational YouTube channels and use softwares such as Screencast’O’matic/ OBS to record their classes. Departmental blogs (http://biozonemtcw.blogspot.com/), etc  are maintained by the teachers. E-notes are given by teachers both for reference and learning advancement. Classwise whatsapp groups, under the guidance ofthe teacher, have become a central channel of communication. The Wi-Fi enabled campus has opened new doors to the teachinglearning process. Students browse internet to access journal archives, previous question papers and collect study materials from e library which uses LIBSOFT DIGITAL software. The College, as a SWAYAM-NPTEL Local Chapter emphasizes Online learning programmes through MOOCs-SWAYAM/NPTEL for the staff and students since Nov 20th 2019. The MG University Study Centre on the campus provides facilities like INFLIBNET, NLIST Shodganga, Shodhsindhu etc The college has a Language lab to improve the communication skills of the students. Students and faculty have been using desktop publishing softwares like Anyflip for content creation. In the past years we have had several e-zines released using the experience gained. MOOC on Organic farming was done by all first year students of the college. Several co-curricular and extra-curricular contests were conducted which had several participants which has enabled the students to be familiar with several recording apps, timelapsing apps and editing software. In the COVID years, when physical tours weren’t possible, department conducted virtual tours