Health Club

Good health is central to human happiness and well-being. Healthy citizens make noteworthy contribution to the overall growth of the society. The Health Club of the college, functioning under the Department of Zoology play an effective role in encouraging their peers to consider and develop responsible habits, attitude and life styles regarding health and wellness issues by actively promoting healthy and safe life style decisions.

The club aims at increasing the knowledge and understanding of health issues that affect not only the students of the campus, but also the people in the neighbourhood, and guide them to adopt healthy behaviors. The club promotes hygienic lifestyle among students, organizes outreach programmes, provides first-aid facilities and challenges the students to take up leadership roles and responsibilities. In collaboration with different NGOs and Hospitals, the Club also organizes FREE HEALTH camps and BLOOD DONATION camps both in the campus beneficial both to the stakeholders of the college and to the people the neighbourhood. Workshops, seminars and awareness programs are regularly conducted.

Blood donation camp in collaboration with IMA, YRC, NCC and NSS

CPR Workshop

Cycle slow race in the observance of world bicycle day

AIDS DAY Programme