Additional Skill Acquisition Programme, ASAP, under the General and Higher Education Departments, works on the preventive side by training Higher Secondary and Graduate students, offering skill courses to students in need of immediate employment. ASAP had now spread out into 1052 educational institutions across the state, offering 83 courses from 24 sectors, and is expanding skill training services to all age groups through the innovative idea of Community Skill Parks.

Mar Thoma College for Women, Perumbavoor is an institution where ASAP classes  are regularly going with a good momentum. ASAP classes continue to be activity based, informative and surprising. Audio – visual classes and IT sessions have helped the students to widen their horizons on different level. Caption Contest

Activities of ASAP 2019-2020

Environment Day Celebrations

Students got a taste of working as a team and problem solving when they got together to create a Go Green Campaign in connection with the Environment Day where they created artefacts out of waste and household items.

Caption Contest

Reading Day

On reading day they picked up chits and exchanged books with their friends and wrote reviews on those books. They also made posters on their favorite books.

Non-Verbal Communication Session

Non verbal communication session where they acted out their favorite movies and their friends guessed them but only through actions and no sound.

Confidence Building Session

Yoga Day

Practicing yoga as part of International Yoga Day and making posters on the theme “Yoga for body, mind and soul”

Foundation Course

Apart from a wide range of co-curricular activities, major importance has been given to studies. The foundation course for new batch of ASAP commenced on February 2020.