Institutional Distinctiveness







W.I.N.G.S. – Women Inspiring New Generations of Success

As enshrined in our vision, empowerment of women from rural and suburban society in all aspects is the distinctive feature of our institution. Since most of our students are from economically and socially backward circumstances, we support them to overcome their adversities and achieve their goals and transform them in to ideal individuals of the society.

Various curricular and co-curricular activities that ensure social, academic, economic, artistic, spiritual and emotional enhancement of the students were conducted by our institution through clubs, cells and associations to achieve the goal of women empowerment.

I. Social Empowerment of Students –For Strengthening Social Responsibilities, Personality Development and Improving the Perception of Social Equity and Gender Equity.
Clubs/Cells / Associations/ Programme Key Activities
Women’s Cell
  • Seminars and Lectures on Women Empowerment
  • Awareness Classes
  • Self Employment trainings
  • Innovative Workshops
  • Manuscript Magazines
  • Interdepartmental Competitions on Gender Equity Related Themes.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Classes and Distribution of Menstrual Cups.
Youth Red Cross
  • Seminars and Awareness Talks
  • Blood Donation Camps


Internal Grievance Cell
  • Confidential Fetching of Complaints through Complaint Boxes.
  • Addressing and Resolving of Academic and Non- academic Grievances of Students.
Counselling Facility
  • Trained Counselor for Personal Counseling.
  • Ensured Confidentiality
Mentoring and Tutorial System
  • Personal Mentor and Tutor for each Student
  • Building close relationship among Teachers, Students and Parents
  • Helps Students in Stress Management.


Value Education Classes
  • Inculcates students with essential social values.
  • Imparting the significance of tolerance and respect towards cultural diversities.


II. Empowerment of Human Rights – For creating awareness among students about their individual rights.
Anti-Ragging Cell
  • Awareness Classes
  • Appropriate actions against ragging complaints.

Anti Drug Forum

(Lahari Vimukthi Club)

  • Awareness Classes
  • Anti Drug Awareness Seminars
  • Awareness Rallies
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Street plays
  • Organizing Competitions for Awareness against Drug Abuse
  • Observation of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.
  • Direction of Short Film against Drug Abuse- “Sports Spirit”
  • Participation in Intercollegiate Competitions against Drug Abuse.
Anti Sexual Harassment Cell
  • Ensures security and Safety of Students
Equal Opportunity Cell
  • Ensures Equality Among Students
SC/ST,OBC and Minority Cells
  • Ensure the awareness of Central and State Scholarships and Benefits.
  • Ensure the Wellness of Students and prevent any kind of Discrimination.


III. Academic Empowerment of Students – For the Enhancement of Competence, Self Determination and Innovative Thinking of Students
Walk With a Scholar Programme (WWS)
  • College Level Mentoring Committee.
  • Induction Program
  • Ice Breaking Program to First Year Mentees.
  • External Mentoring by Eminent Personalities.
  • Mock Tests and Group Discussions
  • Motivation Camps


Scholar Support Programme (SSP)
  • College Level Mentoring Committee.
  • Classes on Common English.
  • Distribution of Stationary Kit to Students.
  • Participation in Employability Enhancement Programme.
  • External Mentoring Sessions on Life Skills, Learning Skills and IT Skills.
  • Power Point Presentations and Tutorials.
  • Group Discussions
  • Short Projects and Assignments.
Young Innovators Programme (YIP)
  • Motivational Classes for Innovative Thinking.
  • Lectures on Problem Solving Methods.
  • Collection of Innovative Ideas of Students on Various Domains.
  • Participation of Students in National and State Level Competitions.
IV. Economic Empowerment and Employment – For securing financial freedom and Employment by the Students
Career Guidance and Placement Cell
  • Career Guidance Classes
  • Coaching and Trainings by Reputed Institutes.
  • PSC Coaching
  • Conduction of Placement Drives
Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)
  • Training Sessions
  • Conduction of Foundation Courses and Weekend Skill Courses.
  • Campaigns
Mar Thoma College New Initiative Programmes (MCNIP)
  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Indian and International Finance and Accounts
    • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Certificate Courses in Various Domains
  • Coaching Classes and Training Programmes
    • PSC Coaching Classes
    • NET Coaching Python Coaching TCS Summer Training Program
    • Bank Coaching Capital Marketing Training
    • LED Bulb and Star Making Training English Coaching Classes
    • Incandescence Language Consultancy Service
  • Classes on
    • Tailoring
    • Beautician Course
    • Food Processing
    • Vermiculture and Composting Techniques
    • Apiculture
    • Spanish Language



V.  Cultural and Artistic Empowerment– For the development of Artistic Skills of the Students
Reel Life: Film Club
  • Short film Screenings
  • Film Review Writing
The Playhouse: Drama Club
  • Workshops
  • Inter- Departmental Drama Competitions
  • Staging of One Act Plays
Arts Club
  • Conduction of Arts Fest
  • Conduction of Onam and Christmas Celebrations
  • Participating Students in Intercollegiate competitions and Workshops.
  • Organizing various competitions.
  • Installation of Food Stalls.
Library and Reading Forum
  • Observance of Reading Week.
  • Organizing Competitions- Reading, Book Review, Essay Writing etc.
  • Information Literacy Programs on Library Software and Digital Library.


EBSB(Ek Bharath Shresht Bharath) Club
  • Cultural Interactions with other States of India (Language, Literature, Cuisine, Festivals, Cultural Events and Tourism)
  • Visits to the Partner State
Speaker’s Club
  • Weekly meetings on Speaker’s Corner
  • Opportunity for Students to Express their Ideas and Suggestions on Various Topics,
  • Elocution Competitions.
Literati (Annual Interdepartmental Fest)
  • Conduction of Various Competitions
    • Western Solo Song
    • Just A Minute
    • Spell Bee
    • Collage
    • Face Painting
    • Spot Dance
    • Quiz
    • Letter Writing
    • Poster Making
    • Debate
    • English Queen Competition


The Brain’s Trust
  • Lectures
  • Quiz Competitions
Health Club
  • Observance of various days
  • Quiz Competitions


VI. Political Empowerment of Students– For Evoking Democratic Spirit and Ensuring Participation of Women in Political Decision Making
Electoral Literacy Club



  • Model Parliament
  • Participation in National Student’s Parliament
  • Elocution and Essay Writing Competitions


VII. Spiritual Empowerment – For Developing Beliefs Around the Meaning of Life
Students Christian Movement
  • Morning Worships
  • Carol Services
  • Founder’s Day Services


VIII.   Others
NSS, NCC and Departmental Associations
  • Day Observances
  • Environmental Awareness Programs
  • Campaigns
  • Beyond the Campus Activities
  • Flood Relief Activities
  • Training Programs
  • Health and Hygiene Programs

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