Anti-Ragging Committee (ARC)

The college has set up an Anti-Ragging Committee to keep a watch and prevent incidents of ragging in the campus.

The Anti-Ragging Committee is constituted with an aim to:

  • Prevent the menace of ragging and to foster healthy inter personal relations among students in the campus.
  • Keep a continuous watch and vigil over ragging so that its occurrence is prevented.
  • Suitably and stringently deal with the incidents of ragging brought to the notice of the college.
  • Offer services of counselling and create awareness among students.

Anti- Ragging Mechanisms at the Institution level

  1. A vigilant Anti- Ragging Committee actively monitors and adopts timely measures to prevent incidents of ragging in the campus.
  2. An online undertaking is submitted by each student and every parent in every academic year in accordance with the UGC regulations.
  3. Installation of CCTV cameras at vital points
  4. Regular interaction and counselling with the students to detect early signs of ragging and identification of trouble-triggers.
  5. Display of anti-ragging posters in prominent and strategic places in the campus like corridors, notice boards, hostel etc.
  6. Regular conduct of anti-ragging workshops and seminars
  7. Installation of Complaint/ suggestion boxes
  8. Periodic supervision and monitoring by hostel warden and staff to check ragging in the hostel premises.

Dealing with Incidents of Ragging

Any student who has been subjected to, or wishes to express their concerns regarding ragging can file a complaint to the Anti-Ragging Committee. The students can also report to their respective Heads of Department/ Faculty Mentor or drop their complaints in the complaint box. The Anti-Ragging Committee will investigate the matter thoroughly and take corrective actions immediately.

Name Designation
Dr. Sujo Mary Varghese Principal
Dr. Anupama P IQAC Coordinator
Ms. Sherin T Abraham Convenor
Dr. Bibin Kuriakose Staff Advisor- College Union
Ms. Manju Varghese Staff Advisor- Arts Club
Sri. P. K Kuruvilla Media Person
Smt. Annie Martin Ward Member
Sri. Reji Jose Police Officer
Ms. Sam Alex Baby Social Worker

Minutes 2017-2022