Extension Activities








Steel Bottle Distrubution Activity
Energy Conservation Campaign and Rally
Drug Abuse Awareness Campaign
Visiting Old age home-“DAIVADHAAN”
Water Pollution Survey
Sanitizer Making and Distribution
Paper Bag Distribution
Self Employability Training Programme
Blood Donation Camp
Distribution of Compost Bin
“Haritham”-Organic Farming
Blood Donation
Awareness Creation on Sensation and Hygenic Padayathra
Anaemia Campaign Activity
Blood Donation Camp
Bethlehem Abhaya Bhavan Cleaning
Cleaning and Organic Farming awareness program3
Combined Annual Training Programme
Organic Farming awareness
Blood Donation Camp
Sukrutham Medical Camp
Student Solar Ambassador Programme,Ashram Higher Secondary School, Perumbavoor
Street Play to Create Awareness on Literacy
Self Employability Training Program - Learning Embroidery
Seedling Distribution
PreDiabetic Screening and Homeopathy Intervention
Plastic Free Drive- Social Responsibility
Orphanage Visit
Mental Health Awareness Webinar for Public
Mask Making and Distribution
Mask Making and Distribution
Flood Relief Services Oppamund
Kitchen Garden Project
Fit India Freedom
Employability Enhancement Programme
Dental Camp
Combined Annual Training Programme
Combined Annual Training Programme
Student Solar AmbassadorProgramme
Flood Relief Donation to CM Fund
Kaikott - Waste Disposal Programme