College Motto & Anthem

The motto of the college is ‘The truth shall make you free’. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Jesus proclaims that ultimate freedom is possible only through ultimate truth.

All the religions of the world place great emphasis on the practice of truth. God is truth and it is this truth that frees us from darkness and evil and leads us to light and virtue. The age-old Indian prayer is

“Asato ma sat gamaya
Thamaso ma jyothir gamaya
Mrithyo ma amritham gamaya”

Tagore prays to God to lead his country “into that heaven of freedom where” words come out from the depth of Truth”. Gandhiji, the Father of India proved to the whole world that the way of truth leads to freedom, his life was a story of his experiments with truth. Those who close their eyes to truth and scorn and scoff at it can never enjoy true freedom.

Truth is often associated with beauty and joy. “Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram” is the Indian concept of the supreme values. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” says Keats. Pursuit of truth is the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge leading to wisdom gives man freedom from ignorance and folly.



The emblem of this college symbolizes the aim and purpose of this college – the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of the personality of women students in a Christian atmosphere. The girls (symbolized by the bangled hand) develop their intellectual (symbolized by the book) and artistic (symbolized by the Veena) faculties in the college’s Christian atmosphere (represented by the cross). They are called upon to be torchbearers to the coming generation.


    College Anthem

 Hail to thee, Our Alma mater
We sing to thee, We rejoice in thee
 A beacon of light, a guiding star
Showing the right path to our faltering steps

Fountain of knowledge, source of wisdom
Home where we learn the value of life
Mother who reminds us day by day
The truth shall make you free

This thy children’s hope and prayer
This thy children’s wish and dream
May thy light never be dimmed
May thy voice never be lulled
May thou stand forever firm
Shedding thy light till eternity