Butterfly Garden

The Social Forestry Wing of the Kerala Forests and Wildlife, joined hands with the department of Zoology to establish a ‘Butterfly garden’ in the premises of Mar Thoma college for Women, Perumbavoor. The NSS unit of the college also collaborated with the department in the successful maintenance of the butterfly garden. The Project was inaugurated by the Perumbavoor Municipal Chairman Sr. Zakkir Husain in the presence of the DFO, Mr. Jayakrishnan, Ward Councillor, Smt. Annie Martin, Principal in-charge, Dr. Vineedkumar K. and the Head of the Department of Zoology, Mrs. Reemy Sara  Mathai on July 1, 2022. The garden design focused on creating a welcoming and conducive environment for butterflies. It included a variety of nectar plants, host plants for butterfly larvae, and sheltered areas for butterflies to rest and lay eggs. Butterfly gardens play a crucial role in conserving and promoting the habitat of butterflies, which are not only beautiful but also serve as important pollinators. They also serve as indicators of ecosystem health. Their presence or absence can reflect the quality of habitats and decline in butterfly populations can signify environmental disturbances that may affect other organisms within the ecosystem. Our Butterfly Garden successfully created a serene habitat for butterflies. They also serves as a living testament to the beauty and significance of butterflies, inspiring students and other visitors to appreciate and protect these delicate creatures for generations. Protecting butterfly habitats, promoting native plant varieties, and raising awareness about their importance are crucial for their conservation and the overall balance of ecosystem.