Department of Commerce , Mar Thoma College for Women, Perumbavoor was started in the year 1995 in response to a growing demand for Commerce education and is now a prestigious Department of the institution inculcating creative capabilities in students since its inception striving towards excellence in all spheres of higher education, catering to the educational requirements of women from various spheres

There is hardly any avenues in the economy without the application of Commerce. Commercial activities are inevitable for the development and sustenance of the economy. The Department of Commerce caters to the requirement of developing a deep understanding of Commerce in theory as well as practice.

The main objectives of the Department are:


  • Nurture in students, academic excellence and professional skills necessary to face the challenges of the business world.
  • Help students learn the writing and interpretation of books of accounts
  • Help students learn the applicability of the learnt concepts and procedures in real accounting practices
  • Help students to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create the fully comprehensive university syllabus
  • Facilitate e-learning


  • To improve inter personal, communication and presentation skills
  • Provide students opportunities to interact with experts from the industry, to be conversant with the financial and economic environment
  • Help students understand the industry expectations through career oriented classes
  • Update in the applications of technological know how in commerce and industry
  • Develop self-employable and entrepreneurial skillsamong the students

Personality Development

  • Provide Value based Education to strengthen their life and curriculum with universal positive human values such as respect, integrity, honesty and compassion.
  • To inculcate desire to be educationally strong and financially secure and independent


The courses offered in the Department of Commerce, Mar Thoma College for Women, Perumbavoor are:

  1. Com with Finance and Taxation(Aided Stream)
  2. Diploma in Indian and International Finance and Accounts (DIIFA) (Add On Course)

Programme Outcome- B.Com with Finance and Taxation

Total credits: 120

Semesters- 6

Working Days per Semester: 90

Working Hours per Semester: 450

Examination- External Evaluation: 80% and Internal evaluation- 20%

B.Com Finance and Taxation is intended to inculcate in the students initially the fundamental view of the business world , Banking, Insurance and legal framework of companies. Further the students are given a deep insight into the Accounting Practices, Direct Taxation and Indirect Taxation. The students are equipped with the concepts and applications of micro and macro economics , financial systems, its constituents, the principles on which it operates, inter-linkages and regulatory concerns. Targeted outcomes are:-

  • Produce trained and employable professionals who has thorough knowledge of finance and commerce to meet the requirements for various sectors in commerce and industry
  • Capacity to make decisions at personal & professional level is expected to increase after completion of this course.
  • Know how to independently start up own Business.

Programme Specific Outcome

The programme specific outcomes are as specified below:

To impart, familiarize and provide a deep understanding of the following aspects:

  1. Business and its role in the society
  2. Business ethics and CSR
  3. Income Tax Act 1961 :
  • Computation of specific heads of Income
  • Computation of Total Income and tax payable and returns to be filed by an individual and the assessment procedures
  1. Preparing accounts and financial statements of various types of business units other than corporate undertakings
  2. Management and administration of joint stock companies in India as per Companies Act 2013
  3. Basic concepts and practices of banking and the principles of insurance
  4. Principles and various dimensions of management
  5. Economic concepts and the principles of decision making
  6. Corporate accounting procedures and accounting for banking companies
  7. Statistics and quantitative techniques in business
  8. Financial market operations and financial services in India
  9. Principles of marketing management and their applications in the business and industry
  10. Cost concepts and costing as a separate system of accounting


Faculty List of B. Com with Finance and Taxation(Aided Stream)

  • Sherin T. Abraham (M. Com B.Ed), Assistant Professor (Head of the Department in- charge)
  • Sujo Mary Varghese (M. Com, MBA PhD), Assistant Professor (Principal -in-Charge)
  • Jibin Shibu Sam (M. Com), Assistant Professor
  • Serene Anna Sam (M. Com, MBA), Assistant Professor
  • Avani T. (M. Com, PhD), Assistant Professor


Retired Faculty List of B. Com with Finance and Taxation (Aided Stream)

  • Ms. Elizabeth John (MCom) (2004)
  • Geetha Kumari K M(M.Com,M.Phil) (2015), Associate Professor
  • Leelamma Jacob(M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D) (2015), Associate Professor
  • Dr Biju Thomas Mathew(M.Com,Ph.D) (2018), Associate Professor