The Department of Physics was established in the year 2001. The dept. also offers add on courses and remedial classes . The faculty has published research articles in journal of National and International reputation.


  1. Dr. P. Anupama, M.Sc., Ph.D (Teacher- in charge)
  2. Alka Mariya George, M.Sc. (Guest Lecturer)
  3. Divya Issac, M.Sc. (Guest Lecturer)
  4. Shika Mohan, M.Sc.,B.Ed.(Guest Lecturer)
  5. Jinty Jose, M.Sc.(Guest Lecturer)

Retired Staff

  1. Prof. M.G. Issac
  2. Dr. Mammen Samuel
  3. Prof. Reena Varghese)
  4. Prof. Annie C. Thomas
Association in-Charge Alka Mariya George

I DC Class in-charge                                          Shika Mohan

II DC Class in-charge                                        Alka Mariya George

III DC Class in-charge                                      Divya Issac