The Department of Mathematics came into existence with B.Sc Course in 1991 with the privilege of being the first degree course introduced in the College. It was upgraded to P.G. Department in 2013 with the introduction of M. Sc. Mathematics. The Department provides a stimulating and intense learning atmosphere to its students. The faculty have published research articles in journals of national and international reputation.


  1. Dr. Lisy Cherian M. Sc., Ph. D.(Principal)
  2. Dr. Annie Kurian K., M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D.(HoD)
  3. Dr. Gigi George M. Sc., M. Phil, B. Ed, Ph. D., Asso. Prof.
  4. Shalitha Jacob M. Sc., Asst. Prof.(on FDP leave)
  5. Rekha Krishnan, M.Sc. (FDP Substitute)
  6. Silvey Paul ,M. Sc.(Guest lecturer)
  7. Ritty Susan Varghese, M.Sc., B. Ed. (Guest lecturer)
    Association in-Charge Ancy K. Mathai

    I DC Class in-charge                                          Ancy K. Mathai

    II DC Class in-charge                                        Dr. Gigi George

    III DC Class in-charge                                      Dr. Annie Kurian K

    I M.Sc. Class in-charge                                    Ritty Susan Varghese

         II M.Sc. Class in-charge                                     Silvey Paul