Vision Mission Goals




To enlighten and empower women in rural and suburban society and enable them to act as agents of social transformation and acquire knowledge of self and surroundings and to make the world a better place.





  • To stimulate the most conducive ambience for the promotion of quality in teaching and learning.
  • To empower women students hailing from rural background to face the challenges of life with dignity, honour and self respect and to inculcate self-esteem in them.
  • To become a centre of excellence providing value-based education aimed at an integrated development of individuals into responsible citizens with social commitment.
  • To groom the personality of students making them self sufficient to reach out to the less privileged, the downtrodden and the abandoned in the community.
  • To mould a team of students with the required knowledge, skills and attitude with global competency capable of working towards the transformation of the society.
  • To create awareness to live in harmony with the natural environment, to preserve it and to act as agents of peace, goodwill, natural integration and solidarity to make the world a better place.
  • To enable students to communicate effectively and to empower them to face the issues and challenges with poise and confidence.





Education is a living process of intellectual growth, character building and personality development. This total development materializes only when a balance is established between body and spirit, intellect and emotion, mind and attitude and when there is a total integration of the diverse faculties operating in human beings. It is in this context that this college sets its goals and objectives.

Academic Goals

  • To work towards the growth of the institution into a centre of excellence.
  • To encourage students and teachers in the pursuit of knowledge and in setting high standards of academic achievement.
  • To develop free and fearless thinking leading to intellectual and moral maturity.
  • To promote a spirit of adventure and investigation leading to true wisdom and understanding which makes all study a discovery and a joy.
  • To keep-up with the times and to take steps to impart a need­based education.

Value Orientation and Character Building

  • To produce ‘total persons’ with holistic perspective, scientific outlook and artistic sensibility.
  • To foster morally firm and spiritually upright young women with respect for traditional Indian values and appreciation of the higher values of life.
  • To mould individuals who seek and serve the truth, by emphasizing principled living, industry, humility, openness, sincerity and honesty in all realms of thought and action.
  • To instill in students democratic ideals, principles of secularism, freedom, mutual respect and tolerance and an awareness of human rights so that they grow into responsible citizens and emissaries of national integration.

Social Goals

  • To mould a team of students with fact, understanding, commitment alertness to relevant socio-political issues and awareness of civic responsibilities, thereby instilling compassion, selfless devotion, service mindedness and the capacity to rejoice in the hopes and aspirations of the underprivileged.
  • To empower the women students by helping them to become strong, self-reliant, socially motivated, responsible and dedicated women and better citizens of tomorrow, so as to equip them to meet the challenges in life positively.
  • To foster in the students etiquette leading to the right interpersonal relationship in an atmosphere of co-operation, peace and goodwill, thereby making them effective agents of socio-economic changes.
  • To make the students aware of the pressing global issues and the moral responsibility to handover to the coming generation an eco-friendly life style and an earth free from pollution, filth, bigotry and corruption.
  • To enable the students to come out from the “stagnant pool” of orthodoxy into “the clear stream of reason, perfection, tolerance and dynamism.