New Initiatives


New Initiatives Under Higher Education

ASAP- Aditional Skill Aquisition Programme

It focusses on equipping students with additional skills foe employability. It is proposed to impact additional skill along with the regular educational process for higher secondary and undergraduate programme.

WWS- Walk with a Scholar

WWS scheme proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programs for students to provide guidance for their future. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring. It builds on the concept of mentor as a Guide and Friend.

SSP- scholar Support Programme

SSP aims at imparting personalized additional support to needy students through tutorials, study materials, interactive sessions,etc.

FLAIR- Fostering Linkages in Academic Innovation and Research

FLAIR aims at empowering the faculty through several initiatives including Induction training in Academics and Research, Internships and expert linkages. The programme also envisages on increased participation of the young faculty members in the general academic activities of the colleges and universities including participation in the learning initiatives and quality improvement initiatives of the IQAC.


Mar Thoma College New Initiative Programmes

A. Add-On Enrichment Programme 1. DTP, photoshop, allied skills  
    2. Travel and Tourism management  
B. Certificate Courses 1. Computer aided accounting  
    2. Solar energy technology  
    3. Yoga  
C. Coaching classes  1. Taekwondo, tabble tennis, badminton, athletics  
    2. Civil service study  
    3. Bank tests  
    4. PSC tests  
D. Classes on 1. French language  
    2. Tailoring  
    3. Vermiculture, composting techniques, apiculture  
    4. Food processing  
    5. Beautician course